[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2004-04-22 at 2052.21 +0200):
> > > > This would, of course, make selection CSG operations more difficult.
> > > Simon said that implementing CSG operations on vectors would be not
> > > feasible.
> > Ok, maybe you misunderstood me or I expressed it the wrong way: It would
> > of course would be very good to have CSG operations available, but I am
> > not particularily eager to implement them:
> I hope I'm not the only one asking myself this question... what
> is a CSG operation?

Constructive Solid Geometry. I have seen it mostly in 3D apps, ie, you
have solid cube and you substract a solid cilinder and get a cube with
hole, then you had a piramid on top, and you end with a home like
thing with a hole, and so on. With 2D (closed) vectors it should be
similar, add, substract and interesect them to get different shapes.

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