Nathan Carl Summers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Right-justify the contents of spin boxes, unless the convention in
> the user's locale demands otherwise.

AFAIK GTK+ doesn't provide an API for this.

> Its just my opinion, but I think showing 3 places of precision past
> the decimal for resolution is a bit excessive and I would hazard
> rarely adds any useful information.

The number of decimal points shown in a GimpSizeEntry is dermined from
the unit and the entry's range. It is choosen in a way that allows to
enter a number with at least the possible precision. You could play
with the Gimp Unit Editor, perhaps the number of digits should be
changed for the inch unit (and perhaps others). That would
automatically reduce the number of digits after the decimal separator
shown here.

> The alignment of 'Y' seems different than that of 'X' in 'Resolution
> X.'  Maybe just an odd font rendering, but it looks to me like
> Resolution X has an extra space between X and ':".

That's due to kerning. As I said in another mail, this could be solved
by removing the colon.

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