Dave Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > - Allow pixels as image unit. We will probably have to hide this new
> >   behaviour in the PDB because plug-ins might not expect to get
> >   "pixels" returned when they ask for the image's unit. We could use
> >   the resolution unit as a fallback for this. A new PDB function
> >   should then be added that maps the core behaviour.
> This is the solution I like. We could actually abandon "dot for dot",
> I think, and have a "View->Image Unit" menu entry which allows the
> image unit to be changed.

Think about it once more. "Dot for Dot" still makes sense and it
should simply stay. It just isn't coupled to the display of lengths
and the ruler unit any longer.
> > - Add an easy way to change the image's unit. It's quite well hidden
> >   in the Image Scale dialog right now. With the changes proposed
> >   above, changing the image unit could become a more frequent task, so
> >   it should be easily accessible.
> Agreed. I think it should be a first-level entry in the View menu,
> as I said above.

I think it should (additionally) be a popup menu in the image status

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