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Sven Neumann wrote:
However this change is more drastic as one might think at
first. We always assign a unit to an image and at the moment this unit
cannot be "Pixels", it needs to be a real unit. With the new dialog
layout, the unit menu needs to contain Pixels or it would not be
possible to easily create an image of a certain pixel size. Now what
unit should be set on the image then?


- Allow pixels as image unit. We will probably have to hide this new
  behaviour in the PDB because plug-ins might not expect to get
  "pixels" returned when they ask for the image's unit. We could use
  the resolution unit as a fallback for this. A new PDB function
  should then be added that maps the core behaviour.

This is the solution I like. We could actually abandon "dot for dot", I think, and have a "View->Image Unit" menu entry which allows the image unit to be changed.

- Add an easy way to change the image's unit. It's quite well hidden
  in the Image Scale dialog right now. With the changes proposed
  above, changing the image unit could become a more frequent task, so
  it should be easily accessible.

Agreed. I think it should be a first-level entry in the View menu, as I said above.

I am not yet sure what parts of the core will break if we do these
changes. Perhaps it's a bad idea to start with. Please comment.

I like it, I think that (as you say) the current behaviour is confusing, and I think we should just display stuff in 1 unit, and allow it to be easily changed. For plug-ins which break when the unit is Pixels, I suspect it would be pretty easy to fix them. So I'd vote against hiding this change from plug-ins.


Dave Neary

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