"Austin Donnelly" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > - Add an easy way to change the image's unit. It's quite well hidden
> >   in the Image Scale dialog right now. With the changes proposed
> >   above, changing the image unit could become a more frequent task, so
> >   it should be easily accessible.
> I'd suggest taking a double-click in the rulers should bring up a "change
> units" dialog box.  It should allow people to change to pixels, since the
> most immediately visible effect of changing the image's units is to the
> rulers.

That's not very intuitive IMHO. If we display the unit in the
statusbar, then it would probably be best to allow it to be changed
where it is displayed (and, of course, in the menu as well). I see
that the rulers do also display the unit in one way or another.
However a double-click on the rulers is something that only few users
will ever try. I also guess that only few users ever find out that you
can create guides by dragging them from the rulers.

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