Sven Neumann wrote:
Dave Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
We could actually abandon "dot for dot",
I think, and have a "View->Image Unit" menu entry which allows the
image unit to be changed.

Think about it once more. "Dot for Dot" still makes sense and it should simply stay.

When? I've tried to think of a reason, but the only time I ever turn it off is to see measurements in another unit. So I would just have the image unit be pixels most of the time. Some people stick to image units all the time. In either case, there is no difference between setting the image unit to pixels, and toggling dot for dot. So dot for dot is redundant. Or am I missing something?

- Add an easy way to change the image's unit. It's quite well hidden
 in the Image Scale dialog right now. With the changes proposed
 above, changing the image unit could become a more frequent task, so
 it should be easily accessible.

Agreed. I think it should be a first-level entry in the View menu, as I said above.

I think it should (additionally) be a popup menu in the image status bar.

Sure, why not. I'm not overly keen on having modifiable stuff in a status bar, but this is a small drop-down box.


Dave Neary

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