Dave Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > Think about it once more. "Dot for Dot" still makes sense and it
> > should simply stay.
> When? I've tried to think of a reason, but the only time I ever turn
> it off is to see measurements in another unit. So I would just have
> the image unit be pixels most of the time. Some people stick to
> image units all the time. In either case, there is no difference
> between setting the image unit to pixels, and toggling dot for
> dot. So dot for dot is redundant. Or am I missing something?

If you toggle dot for dot off you get a view at the image in it's
original size, taking into account the monitor resolution. Thus you
can look at the photo in the size it will be printed in. This is
sometimes useful.

Also if you choose different horizontal and vertical image resolutions
or your monitor has differing horizonal and vertical resolutions,
turning dot-for-dot will compensate for that. Being able to turn off
dot-for-dot is an important feature but it will become more of an
expert option if we do the proposed changes. It should not be
abandoned though.

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