hi simon!

> The "Edit" mode is not only about deleting, thats why it was hard for me
> to come up with a proper name, that is distinct enough from "Design".

Oh yes, I see - I'm sorry. 

> In the Edit mode you can *add* points on a segment. You can *add* a
> segment to the path when a single endpoint is selected and you click on
> the other one (this btw. is the same as connecting start- and endpoints,
> which you wrongly describe in the report as "Design mode + CTRL", when
> looking at the tool options you'll realize that CTRL is a shortcut for
> switching into the Edit mode)

Hm, here again, the shortcuts are not clearly communicated. As the tool
is quite complex, it is not so easy to understand the whole
functionality of a single shortcut (-> even the GIMP 1.2 user who
attended some workshops thought that CTRL would connect start and end
points only). 

> [...]Thats why it is not really an option to rename the Edit mode to "Remove"
> mode, that simply isn't the reality.

Yes, I see. 
But I had one more look on the path tool as implemented in GIMP 1.2.
There, you had four modes:
- New Point
- Add Point
- Remove Point
- Edit Point

Is it so, that 'new point' and 'edit point' are 'Design' now, while 'add
point' and 'remove point' are 'Edit'? 
I wonder if it wouldn't be easier to re-implement those modes (a bit
modified): Currently, the 'remove' function is not accessible from the
Design-Mode, as the keyboard shortcut does not work. Even in the edit
mode is does not become clear, how to delete a point (status message not
clear as it only says 'try shift'). 
I would propose the following modes (each accessible via keyboard

- Design (== new point + Edit Point; default)
- Add (== add point or segment; CTRL)
- Remove (== delete point or segment; SHIFT)
- Move All (ALT)

What do you think?

> : Provide a hint in the status bar 'To connect start and end point,
> : press CTRL'. 
> When exactly should this displayed? Currently the Statusbar gives hints
> what will happen when the user clicks now. It will give the hint "click
> to connect the anchor with the selected endpoint", when the user is in
> Edit mode and hovers over an anchor.

the problem is that this is not clear in 'Design' mode. Maybe it is
possible to display this message in Design mode only for the start and
the end point, but not for comprised points?

> : Add a'Selection from Path' button to the tool option dialog.
> Whats wrong with the existing "Create selection from Path" that is there?
> Actually I am a bit confused about this...

uuuiiii, that's a translation problem!
in english the button says: 'Create Selection from Path'
in german it says: 'Pfad aus Auswahl' (Create Path from Selection)
I think Daniel Egger is the right one to tell that, no?



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