> > - Design (== new point + Edit Point; default)
> > - Add (== add point or segment; CTRL)
> > - Remove (== delete point or segment; SHIFT)
> > - Move All (ALT)
> > 
> > What do you think?
> Shift is commonly used for adding to selection. It should remain
> consistent with everything else. 

yes, I know that these shortcuts are not consistent with the selection
tool. Actually, add and remove are exactly the other way round. 

It is always hard to decide if you should be consistent with
pre-versions, or with other functions in the same version. I prefer to
stay consistent with the preversion, as users who have learned the
shortcuts will be confused otherwise. 

> The "cumbersome" shortcut of Ctrl+Shift
> is quite handy for delete since you hardly hit it by accident. 

Yes, but the user first has to find it! I don't think that providing a
single keyboard shortcut would result in many accidential deletions -
after all there is the icon next to the mouse pointer. 

> I understand there is quite a learning curve involved with the path
> tool. On the other hand, compare the tool to what sodipodi implements.
> They have clear buttons for every action yet completing the same task
> means kilometers of mouse movement and millions of clicks.

Of course keyboard shortcuts are very important for quick interaction
with the tool! Nevertheless, not every user is a image manipulation
expert, possibly does not know the concept of path tools at all. For
such user, the learning should be facilitated, by supporting the
exploration with simple shortcuts and the like.

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