On 04.06.2004, at 17:05, Ellen Reitmayr wrote:

uuuiiii, that's a translation problem!
in english the button says: 'Create Selection from Path'
in german it says: 'Pfad aus Auswahl' (Create Path from Selection)
I think Daniel Egger is the right one to tell that, no?

Any German speaker is welcome to touch the German catalog as far as I am concerned. Bugs like this are a no brainer but many strings should be handled with care, not only because they're mentioned in several books but also because this could make things worse and even break the application[1].

However I'd prefer if you could come up with a list of all
unsuitable items or those which are subject for discussion
so we can properly fix them altogether in both branches at once.

[1] Although the checks done by gettext are much better now
    than back in the good old days where GIMP would only
    crash in the Italian version but nowhere else... :)


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