> Selections
> ----------

> Cenetered selection surely isn't the defaut, one needs to press Ctrl
> modifier.

Yes, but actually CTRL is the shortcut for subtraction, SHIFT-CTRL for
intersection. Both provide centered selection, while SHIFT (=add) does
not. Therefore, CTRL and SHIFT-CTRL mix two options into one shortcut
(which is not convenient for the user), and are inconsistent with the
'add' option.

>         "Provide consistent behaviour: When keeping the key pressed
>         while dragging the mouse, make the selections squared in all
>         modes."
> This again sounds dodgy because the tools behave exactly as you describe
> they should.

SuSE - GIMP2.0:

pressed while dragging:
CTRL: centered free
SHIFT: non-centered squared
CTRL-SHIFT: centered squared

not pressed while dragging:
CTRL: non-centered free
SHIFT: non-centered free
CTRL-SHIFT: non-centered free

> Select By Color
> ---------------
> I disagree with your proposed solutions to the select by color tool. We
> should be aiming to remove unnecersary popup dialogs rather than
> bringing them in.

One could provide it as an optional dialog that can be activated from
within the tool options dialog (alike the info dialog for the measure

>  Also I don't agree a description of the
> aparatus of certain functionality bhaves in the UI. Only the basic
> behaviour description does. The rest should go to the help pages and
> manual. 
Yes, sure. But maybe one might modify the label to make it more
significant - e.g. brightness threshold or the like.

> The remark about additional sliders was suggesting additional
> functionality like selecting by value or brightness? With RGB sliders
> you suggest using a non-interactive mode where the user specifies
> arbitrary color instead of using the image canvas? 

No, this was a suggestion by a user, which I think is quite convincing:
In order to define the selection threshold, the user might want to
define different thresholds for each of the RGB values. 

> Measure Tool
> ------------
>         "Three out of four users did not see the info in the status
>         line, and therefore first had to search where the information is
>         displayed."
> That sort of scares me, because even you suggest putting explanations of
> other tool behaviour in the status bar...

that was probably because they expected a dialog to pop up, like in the
tasks before. 
However, if a user is really lost, he will search for hints - then, the
majority of the users should read the message in the status bar (Of
course, there is no guarantee he will find it, but at least there is a

> Transform Tools
> ---------------
> I wish the dialog went away completely an all the settings went to tool
> preferences rather than popping it up after selecting the tool as you
> suggest. 

Hm, I'm not so sure.... the advantage of the dialog is that it refers
clearly to one image. Therefore, if you go to another image while the
dialog is open, its settings are not lost. If it was in the tool options
dialog, it would have to adjust to the currently active image, no?



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