Ellen Reitmayr <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Yes, but actually CTRL is the shortcut for subtraction, SHIFT-CTRL for
> intersection. Both provide centered selection, while SHIFT (=add) does
> not. Therefore, CTRL and SHIFT-CTRL mix two options into one shortcut
> (which is not convenient for the user), and are inconsistent with the
> 'add' option.

I get the impression that you did not understand how the key modifiers
of the selection tools work. I admit that it's not obvious but it's a
very powerful concept that I would hate to loose. You need to
understand that there's a difference between the modifiers pressed
when you start to create the selection and the modifiers you press
while adjusting the selection. The former determines if the selection
is added/subtracted/intersected, the latter whether it's centered or
square. Try releasing the modifier keys after you started to create a
selection, then play with the modifier keys while keeping the mouse
button pressed. You should understand it then.

> > I disagree with your proposed solutions to the select by color
> > tool. We should be aiming to remove unnecersary popup dialogs
> > rather than bringing them in.
> One could provide it as an optional dialog that can be activated from
> within the tool options dialog (alike the info dialog for the measure
> tool).

The Selection Editor is the dialog you are looking for. It is not at
all specific to the By-Color-Select tool but can be useful with all
selection tools. For that reason it is a separate dockable.

> > I wish the dialog went away completely an all the settings went to tool
> > preferences rather than popping it up after selecting the tool as you
> > suggest. 
> Hm, I'm not so sure.... the advantage of the dialog is that it
> refers clearly to one image. Therefore, if you go to another image
> while the dialog is open, its settings are not lost. If it was in
> the tool options dialog, it would have to adjust to the currently
> active image, no?

If you go to another image the tool is resetted, the dialog is closed
and a new dialog is opened so your argument doesn't hold up.

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