On Sun, 2004-06-06 at 12:36 +0200, Ellen Reitmayr wrote:
> > Selections
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> > Cenetered selection surely isn't the defaut, one needs to press Ctrl
> > modifier.
> > 
> Yes, but actually CTRL is the shortcut for subtraction, SHIFT-CTRL for
> intersection. Both provide centered selection, while SHIFT (=add) does
> not. Therefore, CTRL and SHIFT-CTRL mix two options into one shortcut
> (which is not convenient for the user), and are inconsistent with the
> 'add' option.

I believe GIMP's concept of having a single modifier affect two things
depending on WHEN the action is happening (as Sven describes in his
reply) comes from Photoshop. I'm surprised the Photoshop users were
confused too. The first evaluation happens before the click and the
other after the click. I don't have a copy of Photoshop, so I cannot
check at the moment.

I'm not sure about how to help the newcomers understand this interface.
The statusbar holds quite crucial information during the definition of
the area, so I'm not sure appending hints on the keyboard modifiers
would be a good thing (will not fit, visual noise). Adding different key
modifiers sounds like a big price to pay for the experienced users
(having to look for a different key during the action).

> > 
> > Transform Tools
> > ---------------
> > 
> > I wish the dialog went away completely an all the settings went to tool
> > preferences rather than popping it up after selecting the tool as you
> > suggest. 
> Hm, I'm not so sure.... the advantage of the dialog is that it refers
> clearly to one image. Therefore, if you go to another image while the
> dialog is open, its settings are not lost. If it was in the tool options
> dialog, it would have to adjust to the currently active image, no?

As soon as you start using the tool on another image, the settings do
get lost. There are many other docks that relate to a particular image
(Histogram, Layers, Channels ...). The reason why I don't like the popup
window is that it usually comes up obstructing your area of interest.
Luckily unlike in 1.2 it remebers its position now, but it's still
obtrusive since the area of interest may change and you're forced to
move it away one more time.

Thanks for the clarification on the other points.


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