At 02:18 PM 07/06/2004, Markus wrote:
TinyScheme does not support arrays at the moment - do you plan to implement
this feature (i.e., fork TinyScheme), or is such a feature planned by the
TinyScheme developers?

No, I do NOT want to fork TinyScheme. I am trying to keep patches to TinyScheme which would be only be required for use with Tiny-Fu to a minimum. Some TinyScheme patches I currently have will be passed back to the author of TinyScheme so others can benefit from those changes and/or bug-fixes.

Arrays as used with SIOD are not defined in the R5RS (the current document defining the Scheme language). I have chosen to use lists instead.

Otherwise, I can convert scripts that are currently using arrays to use lists
instead if you have not already done so.

I have no objections if you would like to update some of the scripts which use arrays. I would suggest you contact me before hand so I can provide a list of the scripts which need to be updated to avoid duplicating work.


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