> Are any of them already ported? If not, I will change them to not use
> arrays.

Well, at least the trivial cases (where the arrays are used only inside the 
script) - there are some PDB functions that use arrays as arguments or as 
return values, and I don't know what to do with them, for example 
gimp-cursves-spline and gimp-image-get-layers.

There seems to be some correlation between arrays and lists in the PDB, but 
not too much. Am I right in assuming that a PDB STRINGARRAY is equivalent to 
a (Scheme) list in Script-Fu? This seems to be handled differently for 
INT<N>ARRAY, which remains a (nonstandard) Scheme-array. So what it comes 
down to is: How do I convert a PDB's array (of integers) to a Scheme list in 
a script and vice versa?

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