On Thu, Jul 08, 2004 at 05:47:56PM +0300, Steve Stavropoulos wrote:
>  As for the proposed conversion on save to the starting colorspace, I 
> completely dissagree. I don't see any reason to introduce more errors 
> coming from a less than optimal conversion.
>  What I think best is: Image (Any space) -> Working data in Internal 
> gimp colorspace (sRGB or better something else) -> Editing -> Save (user 
> selectable space; defaulting, at least for the xcf format, to the internal 
> gimp colorspace)

But one could want to make operations using specific profiles. I mean,
addition is clearly not the same in CMYK or in sRGB, and marginally
different in other color spaces. I do not develop for the Gimp, I am
even partially color blind (which is why I read stuff about color spaces), 
but I think operations should be done in  the image color space. Which
means we have to keep track of an "image color space".
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