I think it's about time to start to discuss what features we still
want to get into GIMP 2.2. We are targetting a feature freeze by the
end of the month and a release shortly after, so it's probably about

I'd like to collect a list of changes what we want to see being done
for 2.2. We will need people to pick up these tasks and finish them in
the next weeks. I will make a start by listing some of the things that
I think would be great to finish for 2.2. Please add your wishes
and/or take responsibility for some of these tasks. If you want to go
into detail about a task that is listed below, please create a new
thread for it so we can use this thread for collecting ideas.

Scale/Resize dialogs

  We definitely need to redo these. The changes to the File->New
  dialog and to the internal unit handling make it necessary to make
  at least some smaller changes to these dialogs. Tigert and Jimmac
  have done mockups, we should look at these mockups again and see
  what we can do.

Text tool improvements

  I will try to finish some of the stuff that has been scheduled for
  2.0 already, namely text transformations, perhaps text outline and
  text boxes. I can't promise that all of these will get done though.

Plug-in preview

  David Odin is almost done with porting all plug-ins to
  GimpPreviewArea but we might consider to go further and actually get
  GimpPreview into libgimp*. I have some ideas about this and David
  seems to have the time and the enthusiam to help with coding. We
  should definitely try to get at least closer to a full-featured
  preview for plug-ins.

Color management

  This has been discussed quite thoroughly but it still needs to be
  written down in some sort of specification and then been cut down
  into tasks.

Layer positioning/alignment

  Jimmac made a nice mockup for a dialog that would help with aligning
  layers. There's also a new plug-in in Bugzilla that deals with the
  same problem but I don't like it that much. This needs some
  discussion, shouldn't be too hard to implement then. It's IMO very
  important though.

This list doesn't include tasks that have already been started but
need further work (like for example the input controllers) since they
aren't really affected by the feature freeze.

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