a while ago we decided for a feature freeze for GIMP 2.2 that should
have taken effect last week. I haven't enforced this feature freeze
yet because there's been some good hacking going on recently and I
think we definitely wanted to have these features in 2.2. With the
2.1.4 release, we've reached a point where the new stuff
(GimpProgress, GimpPreview) seems to be rather well working so we
could declare a feature freeze right now. I do think however that we
should give us a little bit more time and try to get the following
done during the next weeks:

 - add more plug-in previews
 - try to make the previews scale with the dialog
 - implement color management as was discussed earlier
 - fix unit handling and resize / scale dialogs
 - allow for better layer positioning / alignment
 - integrate the metadata editor that Raphael is working on
 - finish and fix whatever is unfinished or broken

I would suggest we attempt to get a 2.2 prerelease out by the end of
this month or early in october. Given the fact that the tree is fairly
stable, we should then be able to deliver 2.2.0 by the end of october.

Please comment on this proposal if you disagree with it or think there
are important features missing that you are already working on.

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