Joao wrote:
> That said, I raise the question: Should the scissors tool be visible
> by default in the toolbox? 

Well, the real problem with it is that the edge-hugging algorithm
sucks.  It would be a very useful tool if it actually worked.  So
I suppose my attitude is:

a) It's too late in the 2.2 development cycle to make such a major

b) In the next cycle, it would be very nice if somebody could improve
   the tool's algorithm.

I looked at the code not too long ago, and my impression was that
it reads like it was written by somebody who started with a
complex and incomprehensible algorithm and then added kludges
onto it in an attempt to get it to work.  The best approach might
be to clear it out and start fresh.  It shouldn't be horribly
difficult, since the problem of connecting two points with a
curve that tries to hug edges is not really all that hard.
(Finding a solution quickly when the points are far apart 
might be challenging, though.)

  -- Bill

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