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> I looked at the code not too long ago, and my impression was that
> it reads like it was written by somebody who started with a
> complex and incomprehensible algorithm and then added kludges
> onto it in an attempt to get it to work.  The best approach might
> be to clear it out and start fresh.  It shouldn't be horribly
> difficult, since the problem of connecting two points with a
> curve that tries to hug edges is not really all that hard.
> (Finding a solution quickly when the points are far apart
> might be challenging, though.)

I think I was probably the last person to do any major work on the scissors
tool, and that was in 1999 to port it to the (then new) tile-based world.

The code when I took it on was a "software Vietnam"; a complete mess.  I had
to read the SIGGRAPH paper it was attempting to implement before I could fix
it, and believe me it left my hands much cleaner than I got it!

There are two areas where it could do with improvement:
  - it doesn't handle tile-boundaries (it treats them as edges)
  - the point editing interface sucks; I merely made the existing one work
but it might be interesting to see if it could use the same code from the
Path tool (that was always the plan)


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