"William Skaggs" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I've been thinking about three things that are highly desired but
> have been waiting for the migration to gegl:  support for 16 bits,
> layer groups, and procedural layers.  It seems to me that all of
> them can be achieved in GIMP 2 without major infrastructure changes,
> not perhaps in the most ideal way, but not in a kludgy way either.
> Given that the switch to gegl will probably entail a long development
> cycle, it may be worth considering what can be done in the meantime
> with GIMP 2.  
> In this email I will discuss the 16-bit-depth issue, and leave the
> others for later.

Let's see. We have GIMP 2.2 done and are preparing to switch to GEGL.
At this point you are trying to propose a kludge? Sorry, but I am not
going to read any further...

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