<[EMAIL PROTECTED] ( Marc) (A.) (Lehmann )> writes:

> A thing to remember is that even when it is folded into the main
> gimp binary it still needs special command line switches (otherwise
> gimp will run into the same problems as mozilla/firebird etc. which
> often have frontend shell scripts that mistakenly try to contact a
> running mozilla instance, which only works in single-machine,
> single-user configs (fixed in debian, btw, but many distros still do
> this)).

Would you mind to explain what sort of problems that would be? If we
need special command-line switches, we can as well stick to the
current solution. As far as I know, the remote feature of mozilla
works by looking for a mozilla window in the current X session. I
don't see what problem that could cause on a multi-user machine.

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