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> However, when I think about it, there is another problem in the
> gimp: The save-as dialog (by default) only gives me a path-entry, so
> it's questionable why all that information is being read (in a
> blocking way, too), when it's not being displayed. This is likely
> specific to the gimp.

How would that be specific to GIMP? The problem is that there is not
only the combo-box. There's a full directory view below it. It's
hidden in an expander but that doesn't change the fact that it is
there. This is however completely in the GTK+ realm. It could probably
be improved but that would have to be done in GTK+.

>> How is the layers dialog related to this?
> It's related to general usability. I have a problem with clicking
> icons, mainly because I seem to have a mental disorder causing me
> not to be able to identify icons. Well, seriously, me and a lot of
> people I know are able to read text much faster than icons, and can
> enter keyboard shortcuts much faster then clicking icons or menu
> items.
> In gimp-2.x, I seem to be unable to set shortcuts in the layers
> dialog (and the predefined shortcuts that didn't work in 2.0 were
> removed), so it seems gimp-2 forces me to use menus or clicking
> icons were I could use keyboard shortcuts before.

The entries are all available in the Image menu, so you can easily
bind shortcuts to the entries that don't have one yet. In GIMP 2.2
these shortcuts work globally. Even if the Layers dialog, the toolbox
or any other dock is focused, can you use these shortcuts. In GIMP 2.2
you can set keyboard shortcuts for almost everything. You aren't even
limited to what appears in the menus. Perhaps you should explain that
to the people laughing. Laugh about their ignorance.

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