On Friday 11 February 2005 15:24, Jordi Cantón 
> I have a suggestion. I think that it will be useful if a new folder 
> for ICC profiles could be also included in the preferences 
dialog.  The 
> default ones could be:
> $prefix/share/gimp/2.0/color
> $user/.gimp-2.3/color

I think it would be better if the color directories were not version or 
app specific and also not hidden.  I know that both the OpenICC and 
lcms-users list have talked about this at least in terms of a standard 
for a system wide directory for color profiles.  This is also more of 
a path kind of thing where profiles should be searched first in the 
users color profile directory then the system directory.

Scribus uses  /usr/local/share/Scribus/profiles for it's system wide 
profile directory.  I do not know where other open source apps that 
have CM put their profiles.  These include CinePaint and 
GraphicMagick.  If GIMP uses $prefix/share/gimp/2.0/color and every 
other app has it's own location we will have created a mess.  In 
particular version specific directories should be avoided.

Here is what was said on the lcms list in May 2004 by Bob Friesenhahn 
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> in response to a note by Stuart Nixon 

> To get widespread usage of ICCs and CMS engines under Linux, we
> need a couple of things:
> 1.    A standard "system" profile directory. I believe
>       a directory has already been proposed although I can't find the
>       original email.

While it may be possible to establish a "standard" directory for 
Linux, the solution should be OS-agnostic.  That means that the 
"standard" shared directory should be relative to the software 
installation prefix.  When installing on a proprietary OS, the base 
installation prefix is likely not '/'.  The standard default for open 
source apps is to install under '/usr/local' in order to avoid 
accidentally corrupting the OS.  A path like 
"${prefix}/share/cms/profiles" would be ideal.

The reason why I suggest that an XML configuration file be used 
(similar to the way fonts are handled under Red Hat) is this allows 
multiple applications to be configured via one common file.

> 3.    There should be a way to get the current monitor profile for
>       each display, so that applications can ask the system for this
>       profile and use it, rather than having to ask the user
>       for the profile name.  It should handle multiple displays

Yes.  This configuration should be supported both at the 
system/network level and at the user level so that the user may 
override or extend the defaults.

------------------ end of lcms list quote -----------------------

I think that it would be a good idea to try to get some of those on the 
lcms list and the OpenICC list involved so that things that are done 
on GIMP will at least be close to fitting into the eventual system 
wide color management frame work. 

In addition GIMP is used on Windows and Mac computers which already 
have standard locations for the system color management directories.   
In the case of the Mac I am making an assumption that this is the 
case.  I am not a Mac user so I have no idea how this is structured on 
a Mac.  But I do have significant CM experience on Windows.  So I can 
help with this.

Hal V. Engel

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