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> I claimed and still claim that I cannot set shortcuts in the layers
> dialog, which was possible before, and posed a problem for other
> people in the past, too.
> I would call this hidden, yes, and I still think it's a usability problem,
> because 1.2 clearly worked better.

Marc, I shouldn't argue with you but I have to disagree with you here.
The GIMP 1.2 behaviour was a major pain in the ass. Behaviour of
keybindings was dependant on the window that has the focus. I don't
know if this has ever been a problem to you but have you ever seen a
new GIMP user struggling with this? Keybindings are vital in an
application like GIMP. If Ctrl-Z for Undo doesn't work in the Layers
dialog because it's only bound to the image window, then you end up
moving focus between windows only to make keybindings work. This is
how GIMP 1.2 worked. For a newbie it takes a long time to get used to
this behaviour. Sorry, but 1.2 didn't clearly work better. With GIMP
2.2 you can finally concentrate on your work instead of tracking what
window your keypress might go to and what action it will cause there.

> I don't understand you. I described various problems. You claim they are
> simply not there. Why?

You may have not realized, but I didn't ignore your problems at all.
There's a new thread I opened to discuss file-chooser performance and
I realized that we should have more pre-defined shortcuts in the
Layers dialog. So I added shortcuts for New Layer and Duplicate Layer
actions last night.

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