Dave Neary ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> For their part, they would like to continue having their logo on the arm 
> (which I'm OK with), and they would like to be our official merchandiser 
> - that is, have a place in the sidebar on every page, and a place of 
> prominence on the front page.

Well, I am OK, with the Logo in the arm (although It would prevent me
from buying this shirt), but I am definitely not OK with placing them on
each and every page of our site, effectively turning www.gimp.org into
a advertisement platform for sourcewear.

And what is involved with being the "official merchandiser"?
How would we handle other companies trying to sell Gimp merchandise and
want similiar exposure? Do we need an official merchandiser?

Frankly, making www.gimp.org a platform for a single merchandiser, so
that he can ship Gimp-T-Shirts which also serve as a platform for said
merchandiser does sound like a bad deal for me. Also the stuff currently
available does not catch my fancy. Assuming this holds for others as
well I don't expect much for us from this deal. I believe the hassle
which will come up when other merchandisers become aware of this deal
is not worth it.


PS: Full Disclosure: Good friends of me do have a small company that
also does merchandising stuff, you might remember the Gimp-Pin they
made. To my knowledge they have no interest in becoming the official
Gimp merchandiser.

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