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Sven Neumann wrote:

In the long run, file dialogs and file locations in general should
become something that the normal user would never have to use.

Realistically, that's a good few months / years away. In the meantime, we're pretty much stuck with using the Save dialog in one form or another.

The point of the expander is to hide the UI elements that you are
unlikely going to use. Now if the dialog would remember this state and
since I don't expect users to ever collapse the expander again, that
would basically make the expander be open all the time, thus rendering
it pointless.

Yes, I see your point.

I can only speak for myself, of course, but personally, I end up unfolding the directory view perhaps 90-95% of the times I used the dialog. The only time I generally don't need to expand the directory view is if I'm just saving off an existing image in a different file format.

Anyway, just my two-penneth :)

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Alastair M. Robinson
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