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> Nathan Summers writes:
> > On 6/21/05, Carol Spears <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > different levels of artificial intelligence; are there opinions of ways
> > > to rearrange the Xtns portion of the menu system?
> Great topic. Personally I'd love to see the Script-Fu and Python
> entries go away, for the same reason as in the Filters menu:
> the user shouldn't have to know.


> > The thing is that there are plenty of exceptions to that rule.
> > File|Dialogs being a big source of stuff that doesn't need an image,

I'm irked that we have both Dialogs and Dialogues (I prefer generic
English) and I would like to see it replaced with a term that doesn't
require extra localisation work and yes I wouldn't be averse to slapping
the slightly inappropriate "Windows"  label on it (benefit of consistency
with other software) but Palettes or even Docks which actualy describes
the type of dialogs might be better.

> File->Dialogs doesn't make a new image. I'm with Carol, most of the
> stuff in Xtns makes a new image, and should be grouped together
> accordingly.

> Right. If it were up to me, I'd split Xtns into two menus:
> 1. Development (or something similar): all the entries that have to
> do with mechanics of the languages (including C). It would look like:

Mozilla uses a De_bug menu which is hidden in release builds and something
similar (like Developement as you suggested) might be a good approach as
these tools are mostly used for development and debugging of scripts.

>    Module Manager
>    Plug-in Browser
>    Procedure Browser
>    Unit Editor
>    --------
>    Script-Fu Console...
>    Refresh Script-Fu
>    Start Script-Fu Server...
>    --------
>    Python-Fu Console...
>    Python-Fu Browser...

I think the Procedure browsers have been unified and I think we are
arleady down to just one Procedure browser.

Python-Fu does not require a Refresh.
Does Tiny-Fu require manual refresh?

It is my understanding you set the Units and do not often need to change
them.  For a long time I have thought the Unit Editor would make an
approrpriate section of the Preferences dialog.

> 2. All the things that actually make new images. I don't know what
> to call this menu. Xtns or Misc or Generate (because it generates

One of the minor complaints about Xtns is it being an abbreviation.  This
makes it harder to translate and difficult to understand not just for
begninners but for anyone who may be using the GIMP in English but not
have English as their first language.  Space will always need to be
considered for langauges with longer labels so there is little point
trying to pick short words rather than picking the most approrpriate

> new images) or Create or New Images or ??  This would include all the
> submenus that are currently under Script-Fu, without any reference to
> the word "Script-Fu". Any Python scripts (or C plugins or anything else)
> that gets added would merge into these menus too.

The logo browser suggested by Sven may provide an alternative way to clean
things up.

A Dialog/Palette devoted entirely to Scripts (similar to what Adobe does
to hide away their Actions) might work but hiding away the scripts like
that isn't the best solution either.

> There was some suggestion on IRC that not all the items in the
> Xtns->Script-Fu submenus create new images. I haven't gone through
> them yet to look for counterexamples; if there are some, maybe they
> should go somewhere else. Likewise, if there are items in Filters
> which create a new image rather than working on the current one
> (I don't know of any) then they should move here.

All of the pattern scripts could be moved to the current image and they
would be more useful there, the following bugs attempt to address that:

(I never got around to finishing Truchoid exactly as I wanted but I should
be able to make a quick fix to complete moving all the scripts)

>   Logos>
>   Make Brush>
>   Patterns>

(as I tried to explain above only a little work is needed to finally
moves these pattern out of the toolbox)

>   Web Page Themes>
>   -----------
>   Custom Gradient...
>   Font Map...
>   Round Button...
>   Simple Bevelled Button...
>   Sphere...
> Thoughts?

More later probably ...

- Alan H.
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