On Wed, Jun 22, 2005 at 01:49:40PM +0200, Michael Thaler wrote:
> But unfortunately the save as... dialog does not. 
> So everytime I save a rescaled image I have to click on the home directory 
> button and then click until I am in the correct directory. For me it would 
> really be an enhancement if gimp would also remember the directory where 
> pictures are saved with save as. (I know that I can create bookmarks, but I 
> would still prefer that gimp would remember the directory I saved the last 
> image to, because this would save one click).

This covers, exactly, one of my biggest problems with the recent Gimp.
(I use 2.2.0 on Windows XP at my work.)

> I also find it quite annoying that there is no line edit widget where you can
> enter the path. In this respect the old gtk file choser widget worked very 
> well (it probably was one of the best) and the new one completely sucks. I 
> really don't understand why the gtk developers removed it. Why is something 
> removed that is apparently useful to a lot of people and is no problem for 
> someone who does not want to use it?

I agree here, as well.

> Personally, the new gtk file choser widget is the number one reason I try not
> to use gtk apps.

Gimp is the _only_ GTK app that I use.  The only other non-KDE GUI
applications I use on a regular basis (at home on Linux) are Mozilla (but
only when I want to use Google Maps, otherwise I use Konqueror) and xview.
(Well, there are games, too, but most are SDL-based.)

Another data point: my wife was happily using GNOME 1.2 and when we
upgraded here to GNOME 2.0, it only lasted about a day.  I asked if she'd
like to try KDE, since it seemed to make more sense.  She's been using it
ever since.  (She uses Gimp a lot, as well as Firefox and Gthumb.  I'll have
to ask what her feelings are on the recent file chooser interface in Gimp.)

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