Robert L Krawitz wrote:

  Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2005 19:30:35 -0700
  From: Brian Thomason <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

  >Roger, Brian has a rather odd problem whereby when he starts the
  >Print plugin on a fresh image he gets completely empty positioning
  >boxes (nothing filled in for any of the position/sizing boxes).
  >I'll send you a screenshot under separate cover.

  One thing to note, Roger, is that this is only prevalent in our
  packaging of gimp 2.2.8, as Debian's package, last I checked, has
  printing explicitly disabled for some reason. (Perhaps for the same
  problem, but I doubt it) I'm sure you have far more insight on this
  than I do, however.

This helps.  The GIMP actually includes its own copy of the Print
plugin, but I don't know exactly what source that's based on.  What
you might try is using --disable-print with the GIMP, and configuring
Gimp-Print with --enable-gimp (which builds the Print plugin out of
the Gimp-Print source).

I'll give that a swing.  Thanks!

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