(This is a nearly verbatim copy of a message I sent to gimp-user.
After posting it, I belatedly realized that this is probably more of
a developer question than a user question.  Or, if not, just ignore 
me and I'll go on and bug other people.)

I want to write gimp support for an obscure file format.  The format
is relatively simple (simpler than TGA or BMP, for the most part), but
does have a few variations where I would want to use multiple layers.

I've written code in perl to convert to/from other image file formats,
but maintaining that with all the variations is suboptimal because
image features don't precisely overlap.

I do not want to write a .c plugin, because portability is more
important to me than speed.  (I also don't want to use perl because
gimp support for perl isn't as portable as for script fu.)

These images are relatively small (a few megabytes at most), and I'm
hoping I can ignore all the "load image an arbitrary tile at a time"
features of the GIMP.  If not, I'll live with that, if only I could
figure out how.  If doing this from script fu kills performance, I can
always advise people to save images in some other file format (such as
.XCF) before manipulating them.

I do NOT know much about scheme internals.  I've been trying to study
them, but I keep getting off on tangents that lead me elsewhere.

I am comfortable with scheme, and think I know how to look up anything
scheme-related but non-gimp-specific.

Can someone point me at:

* gimp 2.2 load/save support for some type of file written in script-fu?  Or,

* a concise reference work describing the data types I'd need to deal
with and their fundamental support routines?  Or,

* a faq which is specific to this topic (script fu support for load/save)?  Or,

* anything else which you think would be specifically useful in this context?

Or, if all else fails, I suppose I could try to dig up .XCF file
format documentation and write conversion support to/from that format
in perl.  But I just know I'm going to hate myself, if I attempt that


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