On 8/23/05, woc <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I do not want to write a .c plugin, because portability is more
> important to me than speed.  

Gimp itself is written in some variant of C, isn't it?

The only "portability" issue here is that you'd need to compile it on
all target OS's.  No big deal -- that's how GIMP is made anyways.  Use
MinGW for Windows, and Linux uses the GCC and related tools.  Easy

Script-Fu only has the "advantage" of not requiring compilation before
execution, but it doesn't handle Raw IO or pixel-based image creation
IIRC (for good reason, too, proally).

Perl probably has similar limitations, to a certain extent.  Perl
handles text best -- binary data, it's best at simply passing... I
believe the term is ad verbatim or something.

Try copying a C image format plugin that already exists, maybe (e.g. xbm)?  

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