On 8/24/05, Manish Singh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> You can use Perl or Python to write a file format plugin. Script-fu is a
> nonstarter, there's no way to register a load/save handler from a script
> (though there could be in the future). Script-fu sucks for this for
> other reasons, as others have told you already.
> You can actually do things with reasonable efficiency in both Perl and
> Python, since you get the pixel region abstraction just as you do in C.
> There's a save plugin example that comes with both the Perl and Python
> bindings.

Hmm... in my opinion C is more portable than perl or python, in the
context of the gimp.

If the standard gimp distribution contained those bindings, I'd probably
think differently.

But thanks for the suggestion!

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