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> Much of the GIMP development over the last few years have been about
> modularizing and gobjectifying the code this has lead to a separation
> that will make a merge with GEGL easier in the future. At the moment I
> think the GIMP code base is in a phase where gradual replacement of
> the code with GEGL based bits could happen if GEGL was ready, but GEGL
> isn't ready.

Would it be a good idea to create a TODO list for GEGL, so that
everyone interested could have a look and pick a task that he would be
able to accomplish?

Like this:

1. Feature 1
- task 1
- task 2
- task n

2. Feature 2...

The fact is that nobody really knows about the true state of GEGL
except very few people who contributed to it within last 2 years.
Which is the source of confusions of all kinds a propos GEGL and its
integration into GIMP.

It would be also good to automatically redirect people to the newer
version of the website.

And the FAQ needs update:

Q: Is there a plan to use GEGL in GIMP?
A: (paste your answer here)

This would also eliminate a lot of confusion and this particular task
looks like a 5 minutes long work. Many people would appreciate this
kind of attention (including myself :))

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