Joao S. O. Bueno Calligaris writes:
> Unless, of course, the filename is in the ~/.gimp-2.x dir and you try 
> to getthere by start typing "."
> I am serious about this: I _lost_ almost 20 minutes in a 3 hour 
> workshop trying to get people to open files in ~/.gimp-2.x - and 

It really is fairly tricky with the new file selector to explain to
people how to get to files in ~/.gimp (for instance, to save or
manage custom brushes, gradients etc.)

I know this isn't the place to flame about the gtk file selector and
save-as dialogs ...  but given that GIMP does use the new dialogs
now, and that there are sometimes valid reasons to need to open or
save images inside the GIMP profile, has there been any thought on
adding a gimp-specific button in GIMP's version of the dialogs which
would take the user directly to the user's GIMP profile?
That is possible with the current dialogs, isn't it?

It would make life so much easier for newbies who aren't entirely
clear on the concept of a file system (and believe me, there are a
lot of people interested in editing images who have no idea whether
they have a "home directory" or how to manage subfolders, let alone
hidden directories), as well as for the people who are trying to
teach them how to use gimp.

The advantage over a bookmark (besides not needing to figure out how to
navigate there the first time) is that most people don't edit images
inside their gimp profiles often enough to make it worth adding a
bookmark that will then show up in every other gtk app they use.

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