On 3/23/06, Alex Fernandez wrote:

> But he doesn't! He said that the GIMP could have a PS compatibility
> mode

For usability's sake it's not good to introduce modes that make same
application look and behave different.

It was countless times announced by developers in this and other
mailing lists that they do wish to improve GUI of GIMP, but that they
don't want to clone PS. Sven wrote a special posting about it in his
blog recently. All of this is publicly available information, cached
by Google.

Do you think GIMP needs a full-time employee to talk to every single
person who doesn't want to read what is already written and listen to
what he is told? ;-)

To put an end to this dejavu-making thread I suggest extending
http://www.gimp.org/about/introduction.html with the following text,
originated from Gnumeric's description at gnomefiles.org:

"GIMP is intended to be a powerful innovative tool, not a drop-in
replacement to any of existing proprietary software. We are not
attempting to clone existing applications."

That said, I'm quitting reasoning anyone who starts this old good
"gimme PS-like GUI" here. Sorry for any inconveniences whatsoever.

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