Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 19:51:08 -0400
   From: "Roland Wild" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

   I saw your example but i continue to say that the GIMP can be
   "uncomfortable" to use.
   In your example <> you don't
   have all the funcfionnality offer by the program (see ).

   1 You don't have on your screen the tool options box and if you want it, it
   is accessible after several clicks.

Maybe there should be something in the menu bar that opens it on a
single click (rather than click/drag/release).

   2 When you click on your image window the main toolbox disappear
   behind.  What do you do?

That's a function of your window manager setting.  If you use click
raise, this will happen.  I don't have this problem personally, since
I don't use click to raise (click on the title bar or a hotkey are the
only ways for me to raise a window).

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