On Mon, Apr 03, 2006 at 12:17:45AM +0200, Fr?d?ric van der Essen wrote:
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> - Gimp's worst popups:

i can talk about these....

>   * if i must save a .png over an existing one there is no less than 5 
> popups... with the most useless "warning .png can't export layers, are 
> you sure .?" The content of these 5 popups can fit in the first one, or 
> better, in the save file dialog.

ah, the export dialog.  using gimp-1.0 made me avoid these!

if you are working with a non-transparent png, then simply flatten and
save.  then edit-->undo to get back to the layered (possible mess) you
were working on.  "Save as copy" can avoid changing the name of the
image window, which is really nice for saving the xcf.

what i would like to see is an additional option in the Merge Visible
Layers dialog, which would allow to merge the visible layers and dispose
of the non-visible layers so that saving a transparent png can be just
as simple.

the complicated export dialog is there because (perhaps) there have been
so many new and inexperienced users to gimp complaining about
accidentally exporting an image that they really really wanted to keep
(had they understood things better).  perhaps the export dialog is one
of the things that could be changed in an "expert" and "beginner"

>   * when using the crop tool, a giant popup pops right where fred is 
> cropping, ???
>      all the asked options of this popup can be placed in a panel with 
> the tool options.

dude, you need to install the last gimp-2.3 tarball!  this is fixed
already and in need of expert testing!

>   * Filters popups : They are - Huge (against #4) with a very small 
> preview (yes i know about the settings)  they should be very small, with 
> a huge preview in the main window. (like the crop tool)

the same gimp-2.3 has zoomable previews.  both gimp-2.2 and gimp-2.3
have a modifiable preview size via your gtkrc, i put a howto online for 
it will make the filter (plug-in) window larger.  David Odin has 
recently made some more improvements to the previews.  like the new
croptool, they are in need of testing from users less happy with things
than me.

about the rest of the suggestions, there are other people involved who
are far more qualified to answer those.  these felt like productive
suggestions to me, thank you!

one thing i did see was something about firefox tabs.  i often wish that
firefox tabs worked more like gimps.  gimps tabs can be moved around and
managed sanely.  i only recently discovered firefox dnd tabs -- not as
good in my opinion.


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