We earlier had it the other way around: Click would create the layers
with the defaults, Shift-Click would show the dialog.
We then switched it around again, because Shift-Clicking to get the
dialog, made the dialog a pretty hidden feature. Most people would not
even be aware that there is a dialog, that is pretty useful at times.

Ah, it was the other way around before, I see.

From previous discussions however, I concluded that GIMP is not inteded to
be an app for newbies, but rather be effective to its faithful users.

Better have an undiscoverable workflow-optimization than an
undiscoverable feature.

Note that the patch does not affect that when you use the Layer _menu_ instead of the shortcut button in the Layer window, the dialog shows as default. I find this quite logical too, that the "shortcut" command should be fast, and the "slower" menu command should offer more details.

If you know about the Shift-Click it basically is not more or less
convenient than a simple click on the button. Hence I don't see how
switching this around again would drastically improve the workflow.

Having to use two hands instead of one is a dramatic loss of workflow IMHO. If you would want _one_ new layer per image, than this doesn't matter. However, for more serious work where creating many layers often, having to use the left hand for shift is not effective I think.

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