What else can I do while creating a new layer except scratching my
poor head and holding a paper? :)
Using keycommands for instance? A basic example: You want to create a new layer and after that select tha gradient tool.

With my suggestion:
One click and press 'L'
Ctrl + Shift + 'N', 'L' (Which btw makes the right hand free to do whatever it wants)

Shift + Click, 'L'

It is important that you don't focus on a single 'New layer' occurance, but the sum of _many_ saved clicks/keypreses.

Again, I would like consistent user interface. If GIMP uses
Shift+Click for using last settings and bypass an extra dialog in
several places, I want it to always work that way, throughout UI.

If you point is in bypassing all "extra" dialogs by default, then it
is a subject to a usability study. I can't see how possibly we can
decide changing what many people already got used to without studying
user experience of at least part of them.

I understand your point. Our different conclusions is based upon our different definitions of 'consistency'. I think that the UI should be consistend in the effective workflow sense, while you want it to be consistent in a structured way. It is a entire discussion in itself which definition to use, so I suggest (:D) that a separate thread is created if you find it neccesary.

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