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Hi GIMP developers,
I write to propose a new default icon set for GIMP 2.4. As GIMP is a
multiplatform application it will in my view benefit greatly from an
icon set that follows the Tango style guidelines.

You can preview the looks of the new GIMP icon set here:



I really like them.  They seem a little more distinct from each other
than the old ones did, which will make it faster to recognize them.
The new eek icon is fantastic.

The only concern I have is the small Wilbers.  They seem very square.
While it's true that Wilber is somewhat more linear than a true
organic shape would be, he still is much more more rounded than the
small icons appear.

Will you be planning to create a grayscale version as well, or would
it be better to stay with the existing grayscale version for our users
that prefer desaturated icons?

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