Hi GIMP developers,
I write to propose a new default icon set for GIMP 2.4. As GIMP is a
multiplatform application it will in my view benefit greatly from an
icon set that follows the Tango style guidelines [1]. 

Apart from defining a common visual style for free software
applications, one of the design goals was to make applications look
close to native on major desktop environments. The current GIMP set
includes elements that made the icons look quite unique (desaturated
colors, black stroke). That may not sound like problem, but as GIMP has
a lot of users on the windows and macintosh platforms, it is desirable
not to look "out of place" on those platforms. Similarly, KDE users will
most probably find GIMP look less alien on their desktop.

You can preview the looks of the new GIMP icon set here:



While the set isn't completely finished yet (some preference icons
missing) I'd like to thank Lapo Calamandrei and William Szilveszter for
their contributions.

And lastly -- this isn't a lonesome effort. Andreas Nilsson already
contributed large amounts of icons that follow the Tango guidelines to
the Scribus project [2]. At the same time, I am well into having an
OpenOffice set done [3]. After these are done, work will resume on the
gnome icon theme [4].

Also worth mentioning -- there is a project to create a standard set of
stock icons for graphic applications with a rather unimaginitive name -
Tango Art Libre [5]. This will allow to unify metaphors and perhaps even
share resources. This is still work in progress.


[1] - http://tango.freedesktop.org/Tango_Icon_Theme_Guidelines
[2] - http://kde-artists.org/taxonomy/term/21
[3] - http://jimmac.musichall.cz/i.php?i=Tango-OOo
[4] - http://jimmac.musichall.cz/i.php?i=git2
[5] - http://tango.freedesktop.org/ArtLibreSet

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