In bug #346001, Sven wrote:

>Comment #3 from [EMAIL PROTECTED]   (GIMP developer, points: 23) 
> 2006-06-27 13:47 UTC [reply]  
> If you ask me, Python-Fu must not install any plug-ins at all 
> as long as the user interface doesn't hold up to our standards. This 
> includes complete internationalization and localization.  I suggest
> that we disable installation of Python plug-ins for the 2.4    
> release. 


I consider this both sad and grave. IMHO, the build of python-fu by 
default, and support for it under Redmond OS is one of the greatest 
things in this development cycle.

I will undertake i18n of the python-fu then, with no delays. What else 
do you consider important for the UI to have for it to keep up with 
gimp standards? 


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