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Gegl doesn't support images with indexed colors and I very much doubt
that it ever will support it. It is rather likely that indexed mode will
be completely handled by load and save plug-ins in a gegl-based GIMP. If
there's a need for editing indexed mode, this need will likey have to be
fulfilled by a different application then.

Ah. It's not so much a need, as the tools would be much faster in indexed mode (eg 'shade' mode -- painting that cause pixels to change to the next brighter or darker color in the palette). Naturally palette searching would be needed for that in RGB mode, as opposed to running the indice through a 256-entry lookup table.

However, I suspect that simply having a 'indexize'* op just before the display op in the graph would probably work well enough (possibly better, even).

*or 'quantize' -- whatever it would be called, where it receives RGB data and outputs  quantized RGB data.

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