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>> I don't really care whether it is duplicated in GEGL or outside it, as
>> long as the net effect of "don't let my editing result in pixel colors
>> outside this small predeterined palette" is still attainable with the
>> sum of GEGL + futureGimp.

> I wonder if a "quantize to palette" Gegl Op would solve these problems.

It would work for me, if the surrounding application allowed me to set
as a layer or image property that I want that operation to be applied
_immediately_ for each drawing operation I do.

> I am pretty positive that these problems could be sorted out when we
> know what people working with palette-based images want to have. I am
> just guessing on the needs here...

My concrete need is that I edit bitmaps with a specific color
convention - they can be seen e.g. at <>.  I
use a system of ad-hoc software to convert the bitmap source to the
vector versions linked to below the image; this software depends on
the exact colormap in the picture, because different colors should be
vectorized in different ways.

[Before someone asks: yes, I have considered using a vector tool as
the master editing format, but I have not found one whose user
interface fits my way of working as well as Gimp does].

Now, when I edit in indexed mode I am sure that I don't accidentally
give a pixel a color that is off the expected one by a delta that is
too small for me to see. For example I sometimes accidentally select
the airbrush or pen tool and draw something. I may not notice this
until later, when it is too late to undo automatically, but at least
with the implicit quantization it is immediately clear to me which
pixels I need to repair manually. If I had worked in RGB mode I would
need to wonder whether I had accidentally airbrushed something from
255/255/255 to 252/252/252, which is impossible to see by eye.

Essentially, indexed mode helps me by making sure that what I see is
all I get. And does it *while* I edit: doing a separate quantization
step at the end of my work and then going over all of the image in
zoomed mode to look for glitches would be seriously bothersome.

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