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> Gegl doesn't support images with indexed colors and I very much doubt
> that it ever will support it. It is rather likely that indexed mode will
> be completely handled by load and save plug-ins in a gegl-based GIMP. If
> there's a need for editing indexed mode, this need will likey have to be
> fulfilled by a different application then.

Or rather, we who need indexed imaged would have to fork Gimp from the
last sane version.

I wonder which version of GIMP that is, my version of GIMP is already
crippled when it comes to supporting indexed images. I'm not allowed
to create new images in indexed mode, I cannot set the opacity for a
layer, I cannot use the smudge or blur|sharpen tool, gaussian blur
doesn't work neither does unsharp mask, layer masks seems to work but
get their alpha thresholded. To do any real work on an indexed image I
already have to go by RGB.

Duplicating this behavior in GEGL would not be appropriate in my
opinion, if an indexed image is loaded, the lookup table of the
palette is interpreted and it is treated as a color image. Thus GEGL
will have the same stance towards GIF/PCX as JPG, RAW and SVG, they
might be included as source material verbatim, but expecting palette
preserved, DCT level compositing, non-demosaiced bayer-data or vectors
in the output,. after compositing and image processing, is quite
simply outside the reasonable scope for a image processing/compositing

Adding capabilities outside GEGL that special cases editing of indexed
drawables is of course an option, (in the same manner that the path
tool or inkscape would be possible to invoke for operation on SVG
based vector data.

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