On Mon, 2006-09-04 at 15:03 -0400, Kevin Sookocheff wrote:

> That's because right now the Laplacian solver isn't optimized.  If we
> used another algorithm, or optimized the current one it would be fine.
> The tool isn't "real-time" at the moment and clicking is the only way
> to use it for the moment. 

I don't see how optimizing the algorithm would solve the usability
problem. If we optimized the algorithm, we would spend less CPU cycles,
but the tool would still not behave like a paint tool. I think we need
to do something about the way the tool works. I have outlined a possible
solution in another mail.

Of course optimizing the Laplacion solver is still desirable. Have you
done any profiling on this yet? Is there a way to benchmark it? A
regression test would also be nice to have for this purpose.


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