On Mon, 2006-09-04 at 20:45 -0400, Kevin Sookocheff wrote:

> A bad point about the current implementation is that it is slow.  The
> Laplacian solver is not optimized.  There are also other ways to
> implement the Laplacian solver that may increase the speed.  

As far as I know, the Heal tool in Photoshop solves this problem by only
going through the math after you release the mouse button. While you are
painting, the tool works just like the clone tool and just copies from
the source location. Only after you release the mouse button the healing
magic is performed.

I think that this would a good solution to our problem. It's
unacceptable for GIMP to get stuck in a long-time calculation while the
mouse is grabbed. And there's no way to not grab the mouse while the
user is painting.


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