Sven Neumann wrote:

On Sat, 2006-09-09 at 20:01 +1000, Campbell Barton wrote:
Hey, is it ok to report bugs her?
With Blender3D we sometimes report bugs on the ML if the features are in active development or just added.

It is actually too early to report any bugs in the new tool. It has only
just been merged into the HEAD branch and a lot will change before it
starts to make sense to report bugs for it. Mentioning problems on the
mailing-list is OK though as it doesn't create as much hassle as a bug
report in the bug tracker does.

The perspective clone tool crashes if you make the perspective square concave or a 'bow tie' where 2 of the lines intersect.

This also locked X11 after crashing, tho thats another issue,

Why is that another issue? GIMP crashes while the pointer is grabbed and
it needs to do that while you drag the perspective plane around.


On the last point,

previously I mentioned Gimp stealing the mouse focus, causing me to kill X even though other X application were responsive.

This happened again with the perspective tool, if it had crashed and closed it would have been ok, but in this case it gave the [segfault error, continue, exit... etc] in the command line prompting me for input, but the input being locked didnt let me enter in a value.

I mean to say that a tool crashing and the tools locking the input are seperate issues.- its not the perspective-clone tools fault X11 is locked. ;-)

- Cam
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