Since last week, Tiny-Fu is able to run many of the old Script-Fu
scripts unmodified: it reads files with the *.scm extension and uses
the "script-fu-*" namespace so that it can process the calls to

I tested Tiny-Fu with several third-party scripts or scripts that are
not in the gimp module (e.g., scripts from gimp-gap).  I tried a few
dozen scripts written for GIMP 2.0 and 2.2, and most of them ran
without problems: there were no difference when the scripts were
executed with the old Script-Fu interpreter (siod) or with the new
Tiny-Fu interpreter (tinyscheme).  I only got problems in a couple of
scripts that were not declaring variables correctly or were
incorrectly mixing the scope of some variables (global/local).  For
example, this occured in the "smart remove object" script that came
with with the resynthesizer plug-in.  But most of the scripts worked
fine with Tiny-Fu.  In fact, some of them even worked better: for
example, Script-Fu's text circle had problems processing text
containing foreign characters, while Tiny-Fu processes these
characters without problems.

Besides these improvements, the main visible difference is that
Tiny-Fu registers some menu entries using the name "Tiny-Fu" instead
of "Script-Fu".  For example: Xtns -> Tiny-Fu -> Tiny-Fu Console.
However, even that could be changed easily if most developers or
documenters prefer to keep the old name for historical reasons.

>From my point of view, Tiny-Fu is now ready to replace Script-Fu and I
would like to encourage everybody to make the switch so that we can
fix any remaining bugs.  Considering that Tiny-Fu solves some real
problems (i18n), the sooner we can do the switch, the better.

Unless anyone objects, I would like to commit a trivial patch tomorrow
that disables Script-Fu by default in  It will still be
possible to use the old interpreter by using --enable-script-fu
explicitely, but otherwise Script-Fu should be considered as obsolete.


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